Our collection of Animation Demos…

File: Future Vision – More KUNG, Less FU
Released at: TRSAC 2013

FTV - More KUNG, Less FU

File: Future Vision – They “Really” Came to Party
Released at: TRSAC 2012
Ranked: 5th

File: Future Vision – We Came To Party
Released at: TRSAC 2010
Ranked: 1.

File: Future Vision – First Contact
Released at: Assembly 2006
Rank: 6.

File: Future Vision – Funky Legs
Released at: Meltdown 2006
Rank: 3.

File: Future Vision – This is not a game
Released at: Meltdown 2005
Rank: 1.

File: Future Vision – Demo Junkie
Released at: Scene Event 2005
Rank: 5.

File: Industrial Brothers – Mindless
Released at: Meltdown ????
Rank: ?

File: CB4 / InB / FTV – Soccer Goes Crazy
Released at: The Party 1995
Rank: 8
Notes: This is only the soccer cartoon from our wild demo called “Can’t Dance. The shit is fucked up”

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