Handle: Chain
Real Name: Allan Kofoed Jensen
Born: 1971
Nationality: Denmark
Function(s): 3D GFX
Old Handle(s): Nuclear
Old Function(s): Coder
Old/Other Groups: Dead Beans, CB4, Industrial Brothers, Static

When did your get your first computer and what kind ? <
17 Years ago, Amstrad CPC464
since then i have had an Amiga 500 and two Amiga 1200 and a handfull of PC’s

> What production(s) that you’ve made or been part of are you most proud of ? <
CB4 – Can’t dance, the shit is fucked up

> Old or New – What’s the best demos you have seen ? <
I think it was called “kasparof” annyway, it was great.

> Old or New – What’s the best games you have seen ? <
Operation Flashpoint – Because of the endless posibileties
BattleField 1942 – because of the carnage 😉
(And on PS2, GTA3, of course.)

> Since your first computer – What’s been your best experience(s) ? <
When we showed our demo(CB4 – Can’t Dance) at The Party 1995, it was grrreat.

> What’s your favourite movie(s) ? <
The Matrix
Titan AE

> What’s your favourite music ? <
Goa and dance, just turn up the fucking bazz

> What’s your favourite food ? <
Anything eatable.

>Favorite punchline<
Anyone for pizza???

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