Handle : Eazy
Real Name : Tue Hansen
Born : 1972
Nationality : Denmark
Function(s) : Music
Old Handle(s) : The New Dimension, Mantronix, Letterman, Eazy
Old Function(s) : Coder, GFX
Old / Other Group(s) : Salami, The Danish Vikings (TDV), Team Denmark, The Famous Duo (TFD), CB4, Industrial Brothers (InB)

When did your get your first computer and what kind ?

In 1983 me and my brother got our first Commodore 64 with a tape-station.
Later we got more C64 Boxes with 1541 Disc Drives and dual tape πŸ™‚
Then years later we got the legendary Commodore Amiga 500 and then A1200 with lots of extra gadgets. Those were the days.
Nowadays it’s pc’s but we stay faithfull to the Commodore machines, C64 and Amiga, we still have them and they still work fine.

> What production(s) that you’ve made or been part of are you most proud of ? <

That must be the wild-demo entry “Can’t Dance – The shit is fucked up” with CB4. The demo is also known as the original stick figure movie with the violent soccer match.
I don’t think I recall ever having soo much fun as those days where we all together made the demo, also the part with “Kontrol Vs. Homer Simpson” is still great great fun, Classic stuffΒ  πŸ˜‰

Another part I’m proud of was a song called “The Work Mix” aka “Arbesmix”. Unfortunately the only tape containing this hilarious tune is lost forever. A lot of our friends heard the tune back then and made them laugh soo much that they almost threw up. It was tune done by Hazel and myself, a funky drummer breakbeat backed up by a conversation about everyday life at the local union office (SID), it was spoken in our native tongue/dialect which is the farmer flavour and the voices were speeded using the chipmunks (donald duck’s sworn enemies) voices and it was a big hit amongst the people around these parts. Just too bad this tune is lost, rumours saying that a Y2K version of the Work Mix could arise.

> Old or New – What’s the best demos you have seen ? <

The Budbrain demo’s on the Amiga and some of the early works by SODAN also on the Amiga and The Silents demo called Global Trash.
It’s hard to just mention one alltime favourite. Graphicswise the best demo I’ve seen is ROFLY Wild-demo done with state of the art Silicon Graphics
workstation, this was in 1996 at The Party and even today I haven’t seen any 3D/Rendering that beats this classic demo.

> Old or New – What’s the best games you have seen ? <

S E N S I B L E S O C C E R aka SWOS πŸ™‚Β  There can be only one game to rule them all.
Besides this one most of the old arcade games that You can find in the mame collection is my faves..

> Since you got your first computer – What’s been your best experience(s) ? <

There’s been many great experiences in all these years with computers but one the highlights regarding the demoscene was when we participated in the wild demo compo with the CB4 Production “Can’t Dance…” The stick figure soccer match is still something people remembers today. The whole experience
creating this wild demo was extremely fun and something none of us never will forget and most likely something we’ll be telling our grandchildren someday… πŸ™‚

Also the creation of our first music cd and the rave-gig The Wise Man and I played at back in the days was great.

> Since your first computer – What’s been your worst experience(s) ? <

The time where I bought my first cd recorder for almost 10.000 danish kroners and the blanks were virtually impossible to buy for money.
Remember when Nuclear(Chain) and I went to the big city to buy our first blanks, no name crap with no jewelcases or any protection, we got them handed
over in a plastic bag and the whole thing reminded more of a drug deal.. The clerk in the shop said we couldn’t get the amount of blanks we wanted because he only had about 10-15 blanks that month so we could get 10 if we kept quiet about it, and the were VERY VERY VERY expensive at the time being.
My worst experience was when I found out that my network adapter were defect/broke and caused the sony drive to destroy all the blanks during the burning.
That was a months pay down the drain for 8-10 blanks…

> What’s your favourite movie(s) ? <

Iron Monkey with Donnie Yen, and almost any oldschool martial arts movies from the 70’s.
Newer movies must be Lord of the rings and The Matrix

> What’s your favourite music ? <

Anything with slammin’ beats, electronic music and hiphop.

> What’s your favourite food ? <

A big fat juicy steak with tons of gravy (bearnaise sauce perhaps..) and french fries and for desert it’s the legendary TRICOLORE ice cream with whipcream from a can. Also “Deadfingers” (hotdogs) when they’re fresh and newly made makes my stomach happy.
Any types of junkfood basically… Burgers, fries, pizza (40-D with triple dressing and extra fries).

> Who’s Your inspiration and idols? <

Homer and Grandpa’ Simpson and Henrik “Kontrol” Andersen.

> Strange episodes in Your life? <

I was there the day we experienced a phenomenon known as the quake aka the bass fart. To cut it short it’s something Kontrol mastered skillfully and
it was a fart so powerfull that the inventor of the a-bomb would be jealous.

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