Handle ->
Real Name -> Ketil Jensen
Nationality : Denmark
Born -> 1972
Function -> Music
Old Handle(s) -> The Wise Man, Dr. Faker, Skywalk, Slimkid
Old Function(s) -> Coder, Gfx
Old / Other Group(s) -> The Danish Vikings, Team Denmark, The Famous Duo, Unit 7, Profile, AC Tronic, House Nation, CB4, Industrial Brothers, Cold Fusion, Misery, Static

> When did your get your first computer and what kind ? <
It was in 1983 and it was ofcause a commodore 64 (the best computer ever!)

> What production(s) that you’ve made or been part of are you most proud of ? <
CB4’s wild demo “Can’t Dance – The Shit Is Fucked Up” which was released at The Party 1995.
My music “The Mutant Bastard” which joined the 4-channel compo at The Party 1999 where it got a 6th place. I was so damn proud weeks after that party. 🙂  Out of 125 songs.. That’s pretty nice.. hehe

> Old or New – What’s the best demos you have seen ? <
I remember a demo from the good old days on the c64 from 1001 Crew who did a little movie with Skeleton or something like it.. On the amiga there has been a lot of great demos.. Oldskool demos like the ones from Budbrain
ruled. Some of the never demos I’ve enjoyed was Lapsuus from Mature Furk on Amiga, it simply rocked. And there’s also the 64k intro from Farbraush called FR-08. Damn.. How did they do it. Impressive..

> Old or New – What’s the best games you have seen ? <
On the C64 – Frogger, Superstar Soccer, Decathlon, Summer Games 1+2, Winter Games, Super Sprint, Krakout, Commando.

On Amiga – Sensible World Of Soccer (a GOD’s game), Another World, Flashback, The Secrets Of Monkey Island 1+2, Slam Tilt.

On PC – Not a god damned thing. It’s all about 3D games.. SUXX..

> Scene Related – What’s been your best experience(s) ? <
The Party 1992 – It was the first demo party I’ve attended and I was so

1992 in Aalborg – “Tachyphobia” was the name of the rave party. Me and a good friend had a band called “Psycho Trance” and we performed LIVE that night.
Really great experience..

1995 at The Party 5 when we joined the wild demo competion.. People laughed
their asses off.. And so did we..

> What’s your favourite movie(s) ? <
Aliens, Star Wars, The Lord Of The Rings, Farscape (Tv Show), Braveheart, Army Of Darkness, Back To The Future 1+2+3

> What’s your favourite music ? <
Style : Goa, Trance, Dance, Triphop, Bigbeat, Drum & Bass

Bands : Astral Projection, MFG, Phoenix, Man With No Name, Prodigy, Crystal Method, Fat Boy Slim, Optical & Rush, Dj Dara

> What’s your favourite food ? <
Tortilla, Chicken Meal from Burger King

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