Handle : Nappe1
Real Name : Lasse Karkkainen
Nationality : Finland
Born : 1979
Function(s) : org, Coder, GFX…
Old Handle(s) : None so far…
Old Function(s) : none in demo scene
Old / Other Group(s) : Division and R.R.E.

> When did your get your first computer and what kind ? <
My first very own computer was Commodore 64, which is not such suprise as it was most popular system in late 80’s.

> What production(s) that you’ve made or been part of are you most proud of ? <
I think one of the most remarkable production that I was making, is my entry in Assembly 2003 Freestyle Graphics compo called ToyTrain. Though it wasn’t shown in big screen, it’s still quite good to be my work. The thing why I am so proud of it is the technique used, which was plain old skool way: notepad, pen, paper, ruler and console version of pov-ray. Division’s Assembly 2005 demo entry was also quite remarkable cool, though I was only doing some Hardware compability testing at the party place.

> Old or New – What’s the best demos you have seen ? <
wheeh… There’s sooo many of them… There’s excelent demos to all 3 major platforms (C64,AMIGA, PC), but my very favorites include demos like Soiled Legacy by Resource (C64), Second Reality 64 by Smash Designs (C64), Nine Fingers by Spaceballs (AMIGA), Puggs in Space by Dionysus (AMIGA), Second Reality by Future Crew (PC) and Zoom3 by AND (PC)

> Old or New – What’s the best games you have seen ? <
Yet another huge list.  I like quite lot of racing games, so I have to mention The Need For Speed -series, which I hosted addon/hacking/editingtool site called RP-Design with my friend almost 7 years. Unfortunately, the series took way that I wasn’t so keen about and when NFS4 stopped working on my dual core system, it was a final straw… still, during 7 years, we released around 10 cars, about 5 or 6 tracks and few exclusive track editing tools. It was nice period in life and some ppl might still remember me at community sites.

Other than NFS’es, there’s few car racers that have been better than any others:
Rally Speedway (C64) is still good party game, while Ignition for PC took the same idea and took it in a such scale that it has destroyed several hundred nights from my (and my friends ) life.

from other genres, Transport Tycoon Deluxe and Settlers from 1 to 3 have also affected my sleeping cycles.

> Scene Related – What’s been your best experience(s) ? <
well, this is easy one. The feeling after successful delivery of FTV wild demo entry in Assembly 2006. it was so close that I screwed the whole thing, that it felt pretty excelent after battling the entry in the compo.

> What’s your favourite movie(s) ? <
wheeh… more long lists… well, I like the Back to the future -trilogy, just like the rest of the crew…  I leave it there. as a genre, comedy / slapstick is good any time.

and oh… as a Mini Cooper freak, Orginal Italian Job from 1967 has to be mentioned.

> What’s your favourite music ? <
Trance (especially ambient), Dance, pop sometimes, etc… I am not limited what comes to music taste.

> What’s your favourite food ? <
Pizza.  Steaks are fine as well.

> Favorite punchline <
“Elämä kovaa, Pandan lakritsi pehmeää” or “They Will Deliver!”

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